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Project Management

MBA functions as an outstanding and reliable outsourcing resource for fully staffed publishing organizations, as well as primary project management consultants for smaller, less staffed publishers. We have experience with all disciplines, and throughout the production process our project editors maintain editorial control while focusing on positive author interaction. Our focus is always on quality while maintaining schedule and budget.

Cover & Interior Design

We create cover and/or interior design that complement the subject matter and the book’s intended market. Our book design provides an innovative clean, professional look that is pleasing for your readers, and augments your book’s success.

Editorial Services

Editing: Every book needs a professional edit. In today's competitive book market, writing must be the best it can be. Our goal is to take a manuscript to its highest level of readability while maintaining the author’s style and personality. Our highly competent editors will add value and clarity to the final manuscript, choosing just the right level of copyediting attention. In addition, we have developmental editors available.

Proofreading: MBA provides a thorough reading to catch any and all problems that might occur during the production process. We give our proofreaders a comprehensive elements checklist that ensures the integrity and correctness of text and design.

Indexing: Our goal is to create indexes that are useful to the reader and highlight the importance of the material in your manuscript.

Page Layout & Composition

Our focus is on content readability and a visually pleasing page layout for 1-, 2-, and 4-color books. We use professional page layout software, InDesign and Quark. These tools do the job of formatting text, tables, and charts; creating page layout including placing graphics and photos; and providing PDF/application files to the printer. We also offer 3B2 batch pagination through our outsourcing program. We can also provide XML file application.

Graphics & Scanning

MBA can make use of your existing graphic files with our file conversion capabilities, or we can create illustrations from a rough sketch. If your book includes photographs or images too difficult to re-render, we can scan your material and create electronic files for use in page production to ensure quality reproduction. We also provide photo research for all disciplines.

Printer Services

Select a printer: We can obtain several printing quotes based on an initial castoff of the final page count and specifications of your book.

File preparation: We work closely with printers to ensure the electronic files we provide are compatible with the printer’s pre-press department’s current technology.

Printer proof review: We review and approve printer proofs, or we have them sent directly to you for review and approval.